Return request with DHL

You have 2 options: you can request a pick-up at your home or go in person to a DHL Service Point. You can choose the one you prefer.


        Access to

          Note: Remember to select the country from the drop-down menu where you want the pick-up to take place.

          The following option will appear:

          • Select: Schedule a Pickup
          • Do you need to créate a Shipping label? Select: NO 
          • Select the option: I HAVE A DHL WAYBILL NUMBER.  
          • Enter the waybill number (these are always 10 numeric digits that appear below the first barcode on your DHL label).
          • Select the prefix from the drop-down menu and enter the phone number.
          • Select: NEXT

          In the next screen you will be asked to UPDATE the info:

          • Select UPDATE
          • Validates the collection address and indicates if there are any observations to be taken into account for a successful collection.


              In case you want to go in person to a DHL SERVICE POINT:

              1. Click on this link to check your nearest collection point:
              2. Select country and location.
              3. Select the option SEND a SHIPMENT and the option I HAVE A SHIPMENT WITH DHL LABEL.
              4. End the process by selecting SEARCH.

              The application will offer you the available SERVICE POINTS. Clicking on one of them, all the data will appear: Address, opening hours, contact phone number, services. 

              Remember that you must provide the transport label and the customs invoice at the time the Courier picks you up at the address you indicate or at the Service Point.

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