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What's mine is yours

A tribute to mothers through the story of 8 wonderful women, through the eyes of photographer Bea Gaspar and with a Prismatic on stage.

"What's mine is yours" is a way to inherit "I love you". In PARIS/64 we create bags to pass from generation to generation and to be those "I love you".

A mother's love is embodied in everything.

From PARIS/64 we wanted to give voice to the stories of 8 mothers. Inspiring women who want to share the meaning that the small objects they inherited from their mothers have for them. The story behind the things that pass from generation to generation.


Our mission to bring craftsmanship and Spanish savoir-faire through our products is the key to these treasures. We take care of every detail of the manufacturing process because we create bags to be passed from generation to generation.

My great-grandmother Maria's earrings


A gift my mother gave me when I turned 18 were the earrings of my great-grandmother Maria, my father's grandmother. My grandmother Maria was not one to wear a lot of jewelry, but these earrings she never took them off.

They are pearls with a brilliant. A classic and simple jewel, as my grandmother Maria was and as my mother is. My mother's relationship with my father's grandmother was always very special, and the memory I have of my great-grandmother "la yaya Maria" is sweet, tender, innocent and pure.

Her earrings are an amulet that symbolize purity, humility and innocence. of the pearl, because of how this precious gem is formed, and how much they symbolize my grandmother and my mother.

The value of gifts really lies in the story behind each one, and for me, this gift from my mother is the most special one she has ever given me. And someday it will be passed on to my daughter Maria.

 The pendant of your hugs

The pendant that I wear was my mother's all my life, and it is present in all my is present in all the hugs of my childhood.. The day Catalina was born, she gave it to me. My mother and daughter have the same name, so now I carry them both with me everywhere I go. I also have very present the memory of my mother when she would get ready to leave the house and put on her fur trench coat. It's one of those pieces that lifts any look. Without a doubt, from the closet, my favorite, and then it will will be passed on to my daughter.



More than three generations

These earrings and the ring I am wearing were my mother's, which in turn had been my grandmother's. She gave them to me a few years ago, when she wanted to give each of her 6 daughters one of her jewels. She gave them to me a few years ago, when she wanted to give each of her 6 daughters one of her jewels. Every time I wear them, I love to think that she and my grandmother wore them on she and my grandmother wore them in their day and that, in some way, they keep me company.. Someday, Marianita will feel that way too. They will be part of the legacy I leave her, and I hope she will appreciate their emotional value.

My grandmother's medal

My grandmother is 95 years old and her name is Cecilia like mine. I am immensely lucky that she is still alive and this medal was given to her when she was born. She gave it to her eldest daughter, my mother, to wear at the christening of her daughters, my sisters and me. When my eldest daughter was born, the medal passed to me, also the eldest granddaughter. And my daughters have been baptized with it, as well as my sisters' children. It has become a tradition and a way of preserving the ties, the history of our family and we want it to be kept forever.

Maybe it's time for you to start a tradition...

Everything of mine is yours...

A coat from England

This souvenir is a classic jacket that my parents always bought in a store in England. I remember them wearing them in between seasons in Zaragoza, where I am from. A couple of years ago, I found them in some closets and my mother gave them to my husband and me. It makes me laugh to see both of us with them on, and to think that someday my children will also wear them..


The ring my father wore to ask for my mother's hand.

The ring I wear is the one my father wore to ask for my mother's hand. She gave it to me a few years ago and I take care of it so that I can pass it on to my children in the future. Jewelry has always seemed precious to me, but it is even more precious when there is a story behind it, which is usually a romantic moment, and as a good romantic, I like the story behind those jewels. They make the jewelry even more beautiful. In the end, it's the memory of a happy moment and I like to keep the happy moments in life..

Knowing how to make the most of your time

This watch belonged to my mother. She gave it to me the day Valentina, my eldest daughter, was born. It has a very symbolic meaning for me because, in turn, it is the gift my father gave my mother when I was born. It is a detail that will be passed on to the next generation, and I will give it to one of my daughters when they have their first child. I believe that time is a luxury, and having time is something to appreciate and know how to value.

With this premise, and this object, which is a clock that marks the time, the concept that we are fortunate to have those moments in family and remember what we lived together is transmitted from generation to generation. We have to know how to take advantage of that time, that gift.

The Virgin of Loreto

For me, the image of the Virgin of Loreto has a very important and special meaning. It was a gift from my mother when I was a child. I feel it as a reflection of Tradition, Faith and Spirituality, to which I am very attached, since I think that the values instilled by our parents since childhood, last in time as a child. the values instilled by our parents since childhood, endure in time like a chain, like an unbreakable bond, like an unbreakable tie.I would like my daughter Uma to inherit and accompany her during her life and at the same time transmit it to her children.

Maybe it's time for you to start a tradition...

Everything of mine is yours...

Thank you

The moments shared during this session were incredible. I loved getting to know you as a whole - with your children - and seeing how unique and special each family is!

In addition, working with Bea Gaspar and her team was a spectacle and a constant learning experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having made this possible and for opening your intimacy to us by telling us part of your family heritage.

I hope that this tribute will be felt as their own by all the mothers who read it. This is how we wanted to approach this report. And from PARIS/64 continue with our mission to offer products that can pass from generation to generation, because "what is mine is yours".


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