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Made in Spain

100% Spanish Savoir-Faire
PARIS/64 is a MADE IN SPAIN brand of handcrafted and responsible manufacturing with the highest quality leathers and fabrics. With classic inspiration and Parisian retro vintage spirit.

Our Bags

They are handmade in Ubrique, a small town in Cádiz.

Each bag has endless details for you to discover, for example, its hand-painted edges!

A work of art inside

All our bags have an inner lining that comes from a watercolor illustration.

Our inspiration is a mix between the hydraulic floor of modernism, mosaics and the classic touch of a Parisian portal. We wanted each design to have a unique touch, an identity signature.

Our Shoes

They are handcrafted in Alicante with the best finishes and double gel insole for maximum comfort.

Our Garments

They are manufactured in a workshop in Zaragoza, with Limited Edition fabrics.

We create few units of each model to make it a very special piece in your closet, a treasure collector.

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