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At PARIS/64 we want to bring Spanish craftsmanship and 'savoir faire' to our customers.

Our goal is to enhance the value of traditional crafts, helping to ensure that craftsmanship can be passed from generation to generation. To elevate craftsmanship through the design and functionality of our products. All products are exclusive to the brand and are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain.

Our leather workers, based in Ubrique -the famous "white city" and traditional cradle of leather goods- have years of experience in the production of high-end handmade tanned leather pieces. We are committed to a joint creation method that unifies tradition, the search for the best materials and design, always thinking of our end customers. We value the work of traditional guilds with great experience in the sector.

We work to offer excellence in the final product. We take care of all the manufacturing details in a meticulous way so that PARIS/64 products accompany our customers for years. We want to contribute to a new way of more sustainable consumption, betting on 'slow fashion'. Our bags, shoes and garments go through different processes and quality standards to ensure the aesthetics, usability and durability of all products.


The essence of PARIS/64 is to create timeless products, renewed classics, of the highest quality and with a common denominator: that "SAVOI- FAIRE", that Parisian retro vintage touch. That je ne sais quoi... unmistakable.



PARIS/64's vision is to promote craftsmanship; to contribute to making Spanish 'savoir faire' known around the world through sustainable consumption in the fashion sector.



Our mission is to create timeless, high quality, 100% Made in Spain products with a vintage Parisian design that will accompany our customers for years to come and bring that 'je ne sais quoi ' to their looks.



Quality, excellence, passion, honesty, sustainability.

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