At PARIS/64 we do not offer discounts

We want to explain the reasons why our business model does not include discounts:

Handcrafted and responsible manufacturing

Our products have behind them a great process of creation, both design and handmade, and we value all that work and effort.  

PARIS/64 is a brand MADE IN SPAIN.

Value and exclusivity

We create products that have the same value today, tomorrow and forever.

We do not believe in collections that disappear or are quickly replaced, but in products of value that remain. We are committed to quality and exclusivity.

We remain committed to craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Stock of products

Our stock is small, so we don't need to get rid of it every season.

Our bags are continuity pieces that have a vocation of permanence and are icons that remain in the collection forever. And our clothes are unique limited-edition pieces, a treasure in your closet.

We produce at our own pace, valuing each handmade piece.

Slow fashion

All our prices are adjusted to the detail because slow fashion production is expensive, and it is difficult to make it financially sustainable.

At PARIS/64, we advocate for a new type of consumption: more conscious, sustainable and responsible, and we support slow fashion. Because we truly believe "less is more".

We are committed to fair prices.

Overall, we respect all companies and brands that have a different fashion business model than ours.

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