Requesting a Return with FedEx

You have two options: you can request a pickup at your home or go in person to a FedEx pickup location. 

You can choose the one you prefer by going to:

You will be presented with the following option:



Please go to:


Enter shipping details, tracking number and zip code


    How to find the sender's tracking number and postal code

    The tracking number is a 12-digit number and the postal code is a combination of five to seven numbers and letters.

    The shipper's postal code is located at the top of the shipping label and the tracking number is located at the bottom.

    Write down the pickup address for the package, zip code, email, contact name and you can even write down the pickup instructions for the carrier.

    Check the data and confirm the collection



    Click on this link to check your nearest collection point:
    Select language, country and location

      The application will offer you all the available collection points. By clicking on one of them, all the information will be displayed: address, opening hours, contact telephone number, services.

        Remember that you must provide the transport label and the customs invoice at the time the Courier picks you up at the address you indicate or at the Service Point.

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