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Welcome to our universe!

We are María (1988) and Chema (1985), the founders of PARIS/64 and also husband and wife, best friends and parents of three sweeties: Casilda, Mateo and Manuel. PARIS/64 is the fruit of a dream, of a common project, of a sofa conversation and of working with PASSION and EFFORT since the end of 2019.

María: Gemini crazy about Design, Fashion, Marketing and Photography. Lover of Paris, of summer afternoons, of deep conversation and loud laughter, of coffee, of the vintage world. Behind her notes you will always find inspiration, art, photography, designs, sketches...

Chema: Passionate Scorpio, fighter, constant, born entrepreneur. The fundamental pillar, who makes sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, that the brand's machinery works. Behind his notes you will always find sales forecasts, purchase planning, numbers and more numbers...

The key to PARIS/64 is that we make a great team!! The perfect tandem. The heart + the head. Creativity + planning. The design + the strategy.

We felt that a Made in Spain brand was missing, with timeless, high-quality products that had that something special, that retro-vintage Parisian touch, that je ne sais quoi... and that's how it was born PARIS/64! Et VOILÀ.



Paris changed our lives: a walk along the Seine marked a before and after, the beginning of a great adventure.


6 + 4= 10, la perfección.

6 is the month of June, as a good passionate Gemini and 4, the month of April, when our lives crossed.

All the pieces fit together to launch PARIS/64

We hope you fall in love with the brand and you can feel the passion with which we design each product!
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